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Actress Revathy slams Mohanlal for his ‘#MeToo is a fad’ comment

Actor turned director and one of the founding members of Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) Revathy Asha has slammed actor Mohanlal’s comment that the #MeToo movement is a “fad”. Recently, at a press conference for a charity show, the Malayalam actor commented that the whole Me Too Movement is just a fashion and a fad. This comment did not go well among many on social media, including some celebrities from the South Film Industry. During one of the interviews after the press conference, Mohanlal was asked about his controversial statement to which he giggled and replied that men “should also come out with ‘Me Too’”.
Now, actress Revathy Asha has hit back at the actor without mentioning his name in the tweet. She writes, “#MeToo movement a ‘FAD’ says a Renowned ACTOR. How do we bring some degree of sensitivity in such people? Like Anjali Menon says, the people who have just arrived from MARS have no clue what it means to get abused, what it takes to call out and how this can bring about change!!!”
Here’s Mohanlal’s comment on Me Too Movement that had taken social media by storm. He had said, “Everyone knows everything that has happened. There is not much problem right now in the Malayalam film industry. Just don’t say things and create problems. You cannot believe that #MeToo is a movement. It is a fad, it is changing into a fashion. Anything new, it will be alive for a few days. It can happen everywhere, not only in films, everywhere.”
Meanwhile, Association of Malayalam Movie Actors (AMMA) is now headed by Mohanlal.

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